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    We know they exist.

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They are out there

We Curate Star Talent

If you need to augment a project team or fulfill some understaffed objectives, let’s talk.
Whether physically or virtually, one of our Designing North Network (DNN) stars might just be
the perfect fit. From strategists, to creatives, to project leaders, to full stack developers, we’ll pull the most relevant
resources from our DNN to deliver talent to your team. From five hours a week to forty, for a one-month or
six-month stint – whatever you need to achieve your goals – our executive creative director will help you determine your strategy upfront. When was the last time you were able to strategize with a creative director on the best talent for your project? Lucky you. You can now.

Read how our annual roundtable event
brings out the best in creative and tech for a potential seat at the Designing North table.

Northern California
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